If it doesn't come bursting out of you
in spite of everything. Don't do it.






Favorite genres

Travel & Lifestyle


I’ve been making short films for almost a decade now. My obsession with filmmaking began in middle school when my dad purchased a family point-and-shoot. As the youngest of three sisters, I was the first to call dibs. I carried the thing everywhere. I filmed movies starring myself and spent too many hours digging up royalty free music. Over time, my style evolved. Coupled with the proliferation of YouTube and digital media, I was inspired to dive deeper and create more. I up-leveled to Adobe Premiere Pro and dedicated countless hours to learning the art of filmmaking and cinematography. I’m proud to say that I’ve made over 100 short films, edited terabytes of footage, and produced everything from travel vlogs and interviews to client case studies and wedding b-rolls.


A Few Work Samples


My Creative Process



I love run-and-gun videography but that doesn’t mean I don’t spend countless hours location scouting, researching, and storyboarding.



What’s the mood? I let the characters, destination, and experiences dictate the style and direction of the film. It’s like watching a blossoming flower unfold in right before my eyes.



I love telling a good story - one that transports the viewer right into a different place and makes them feel some type of way.