A (running) list of goals & intentions for 2019 in no particular order.

  1. Intensely focus on physical and mental wellness.

  2. Meditate. Every. Day.

  3. Read.

  4. Share my life with others. Open up. Embrace vulnerability.

  5. Continue to invest in my learning and growth.

  6. Travel less.

  7. Stop using my phone / laptop before bed.

  8. Abs.

  9. Host dinner parties & events.

  10. Connect and introduce people. Match-make.

  11. Check in with myself at the end of every week, month, year.

  12. Write more (and publish it).

  13. Play.

  14. Create art and support local artists.

  15. Spend most of the time around intellectually rigorous people.

  16. Take walks. Watch sunsets. Bask in the moon.

  17. Explore my spiritual practice.

  18. Give as much as you can.

  19. Learn skills that will enable me run a company (one day).