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Hi, I am Candace.

I’m committed to building conscious, ethical products and experiences that improve wellness and connection.

❤️ Writing down my core values changed my life. Here are the 5 things that guide that way I show up in the world.

💪 During the day, I design and launch digital experiences to help people build healthy habits at WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined). On nights and weekends, I am dedicated to creating a space to help others redefine their relationship with their parents through collective wisdom, powerful storytelling, and actionable tools.

🌳 Currently, I am focused on going deep on cultivating my community, my wellness, and my passions — here’s what makes me feel the most alive right now.

📚 My ideal Sunday night is one spent with a good book — here’s a peek of what’s on my bookshelf.

If any of this sparked something in you, I would love to hear from you — DM me on Twitter.

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